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Reach thousands of customers

Reach thousands of customers

Sell to thousands of engaged customer visiting on desktop and mobile.
Receive timely payments

Receive timely payments

Uphaaram ensures your payments are deposited directly in your bank account within 14 days..


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Do you want to increase your sales?

Don’t worry! You’re at right place, At uphaaram you get a platform to sell your products all over India.

Multiple categories

We have multiple products categories like Cakes, Flowers, Handicraft, Plants, Toys and Gift Items.

Support is always a click away

As an uphaaram seller, you will always have our support. If you have a question, we will answer it. If you are looking to outsource services to a professional service provider, we can help. Or, if you simply want to learn on your own, we are there to support you.

Onboarding Support

You'll receive guided support and a free toolset of products to tell your brand story and track performance.

Marketing Services

Brands will receive a suite of marketing support executed by our UPHAARAM merchandising team. Products with high ratings and reviews can receive additional placements across

Venue to Test & Learn

You can easily test new innovative products and get quick customer feedback.